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Die Casting News


What is Diecasting.... (Die-cast).

Diecasting is a way of cast metals such as Aluminum, copper, zinc, brass products.
Injecting molten metal into die(mould) and adding pressure to make its shape.
There are many diecasting product around us. Auto-mobile parts, mortercycle parts, bicycle parts,
even an escalator step is made by diecasting.

The word "diecast" consists of "die" and "cast".
"Diecasting" is the process of making metal product by forcing liquid metal into a hollow
container with a particular shape, and then allowing it to become hard shape product.
It usually uses horizontal press machine (diecasting machine). It is quite suitable for mass production.
The time to make particular diecasting product is in a few seconds to 90 seconds.

Uses of diecasting product

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Aotomobile parts

Motorcycle parts

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Diecasting products

Automobile parts, Engine block etc.
Motorcycle parts, carburetor etc.
bicycle parts, gearbox etc.
Motor parts, Rotor etc.
LCD TV panel, Plasma display panel
Notebook(laptop) computer frame
Lighting apparatus, traffic light etc.