Cold Chamber Diecast

About a Cold Chamber Diecast

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Cold Chamber Diecast

From Japa Diecasting Association

Diecasting machine can be separated by 2 different category. One is called "Cold chamber", another is "Hot chamber. Cold chamber means that chamber (=plunger unit) is not soaked in molten metal, but the furnace and machine put separately, and using ladle or other way, molten metal is delivered to pure into sleeve.

Cold Chamber Diecast

Toggle die locking unit(Toggle type die cramping unit)

Toggle die locking unit

Generally toggle unit is used for die locking of die casting machine. Recent years, 2 plates locking unit is used for large die casting machine such as over 1250ton machine.

Structure of Toggle die locking

Die locking

Die opening

Injection unit of cold chamber diecasting

Injection plunger

Plunger tip and Sleeve are consumable